Week 13th - 20th September

12 September 2020

Week 13th - 20th September


13th – 19th September 2020

1. Between Monday 14th and Friday 18th September, the MUSEUM Society is organizing a week of online learning in Malta on the theme “Lord, to whom can we go?”. The online talks start at 7.00 pm on Youtube channel EJJEW U TARAW. The prayer meetings are semi-continuous, that is one does not need to follow all 5 talks. It is also advertised on the MUSEUM society’s Facebook page:

2. The photos of the First Holy Communion and Confirmation are ready. Those who would like to order them may contact the photographer (Cecil Camilleri Mob 99376836).

3. Catechism 2020-2021:
• In view of present circumstances, catechism lessons will be held online, unless otherwise advised. Applicants are to choose one of 2 sessions: in Maltese every Monday from 5-5.30 pm, and in English every Tuesday from 5-5.30 pm.
• Lessons will commence on Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th October.
• Application forms are on the Ibrag Parish website and Facebook page. Applications are to be filled in and sent by email to the parish on: parrocca.ibrag@maltadiocese.org
• However, those applying for catechism for the first time are to visit the parish office during the usual office hours, for both parents to sign the GDPR form. The child’s birth certificate is also to be submitted with the application.
• The deadline for applications is Sunday 20th September.
• Attendance at lessons will be registered; for promotion to the next year’s programme, a minimum 50% attendance is required.