Week 1st - 8th December

1 December 2019

Week 1st - 8th December


1. Activities for our parish’s feast will be held between 2nd and 8th December. A detailed programme is on the notice boards.

2. On Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd December, instead of catechism lessons, children will have activities specially planned for them. On Monday 2nd December, children and their parents are to gather in front of the church for prayers, before the short procession around the church with the painting of Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu. After the procession, a special Mass for children and young people will be celebrated. Afterwards, the young people’s parish groups are organising a number of activities in front of the church. Attendance will be registered as in catechism lessons. If it rains, the procession will not be held; children and their parents are invited to the mass at 5.45 pm. That day, mass at 6.30 pm will not be held.

3. The parish office will not be open on Monday 2nd December.

4. During mass of the four Sundays of Advent, we will be talking about the four important spaces in the Liturgy: The Priest’s Chair, the Ambo/Lectern, the Altar and the Tabernacle.

5. Applications for nomination to ?ie? is-Swieqi are now open. We encourage you to send your nominations to the Local Council.

6. The winner of the Sponsors Club for October is Number 44.

7. The next meeting ‘Christ for all Nations’ open to all non-Maltese and students will be held on Tuesday 10th December, from 7.15-8.00 pm at the parish hall in Kwarta Street.

8. Distributors of the Flimkien magazine are asked to collect their copies.

9. The parish outing this month is on Wednesday 11th December, and will go to Selmun.

10. Let us pray for Joan Board, who passed to eternal life.