Week 26th January - 1st February

26 January 2020

Week 26th January - 1st February



1. On Thursday, 30th January, the grup Praise the name of Jesus has invited Auxiliary Bishop Mons Joseph Galea Curmi to give a talk in English on the common priesthood of all Christians. The meeting will be in the parish hall at 10.15 am. All (men and women) are invited to attend.

2. The next meeting ‘Christ for all Nations’, open to all non-Maltese and students, will be held on Tuesday 28th January, from 7.15-8.00 pm, at the parish hall in Kwarta Street.

3. On the occasion of World Day of the Sick and the first apparition of Our Lady at Lourdes, the national diocesan society for Transport of the Sick to Lourdes (UMTAL) is holding a mass for all sick persons, their relatives, friends and volunteers. The mass will be held on Tuesday 11th February at 10.00 am, at the St Theresa church, B’Kara. It will be led by Bishop Mons Joseph Galea-Curmi, Vican General.

4. The website Laikos Malta has started to publish answers from Maltese biblical scholars to questions that are often asked about the Word of God and Holy Scripture. These are short videos which will be published daily, building up throughout the week. We encourage you to look at the website and the videos.