Week 21st - 27th November

19 November 2021

Week 21st - 27th November

21st – 27th November 2021

1.    Sunday, 21st November, is the Feast of Christ the King.

2.    Volunteers from the Malta Hospice Movement will be outside the Parish Church on Sunday, to collect funds for the Movement.  We urge you to be generous. 

3.    Sunday 28th December is the First Sunday of Advent, the time when we prepare for the coming of our Lord.  A pamphlet will be available to guide you during this time.  

4.    On Monday, 13th December, there will be a short retreat/period of reflection between 9-11 am.  Those interested in attending are to speak to the Parish Priest.

5.    The Centre for Vocations is organising live-ins for young people at the Seminary in Rabat:
•    Forms 1-3 (years 7-9): Saturday 27th November, 10 am – 2 pm.;
•    Forms 4 & 5 (years 10 & 11): from 6.00 pm on Saturday 27th November to Sunday 28th November at 1.00 pm;
•    Youths 16-18: live-in from Saturday 27th November at 6.00 pm to Sunday 28th at 1.00 pm.
•    Youths 18+: from 7.00pm – 10pm on Friday 26th November.
Those wishing to attend should apply online on the website seminaryvocationscentre.mt not later than 24th November. 

6.    Programme for the Parish Feast
Monday, 6th December – Children and Youth Day
5-6 pm: Marian Celebration for children attending catechism at Ibrag. After the 6.30 pm Mass, a Marian Celebration will be held in the church that will also be live-streamed on the parish Facebook.
Tuesday, 7th December
5-6pm: Marian Celebration in English for English attending catechism at Ibrag.
Robing of the New Altar Boys will take place during the 6.30pm Mass.
Wednesday, 8th December – Solemnity of Mary Immaculate Mother of the Church
Morning Mass at 7.00 and 8.00 am.
Vespers will be prayed before the 6.30 pm Mass.
6.30pm: Concelebrated Mass in honour of Mary Immaculate Mother of the Church. The Mass will be live-streamed on the parish Facebook.  
After the homily, the parish helpers will renew their vows. 
After Mass, everyone is invited to tea/coffee on the church parvis.
7.    Enter to Church Schools in Malta 2022-2023
In the coming weeks, applications will be accepted for entry in Church Schools in Malta in September 2022.  Detailed information is available on the Curia website www.church.mt, click on Church Schools.