Week 4th – 10th February 2024

2 February 2024

Week 4th – 10th February 2024

1. This weekend’s special collection is for the Parish expenses. Your generosity is much appreciated.

2. A one-hour adoration will be held in the adoration chapel (in front of the parish church) every first Sunday of the month at 3pm, starting Sunday 4th February.

3. The next parish outing will take place on Wednesday 7th February to Selmun. We are to meet at 8.30am in front of the church. To book your place call 79372283.

4. Saturday 10th February is the feast of the Shipwreck of St. Paul, a day of obligation. Masses will be at 8am, 9.45am, 11am, 12.15pm, 6.30pm.

5. On Saturday 10th February a mass will be celebrated at the Seminary Chapel. At 5.30pm, the Rosary, at 6.00 Mass, and at 6.45 adoration and benediction. Afterwards there is time for fellowship. For further information, visit the Facebook page of the Seminary Vocations Centre, or phone the Seminary.  

6. As part of the initiatives our parish is taking to celebrate its 25th anniversary, a new prayer group for mothers who would like to pray for their children will start very soon, meeting at the Garage hall during catechism sessions. The meetings will be held every Monday 5-6pm starting on Monday the 19th of February. During the meetings, mothers may share their worries without the fear of anything being repeated outside of the meeting and, through special prayers, all mothers support each other. For those who would like to know, more please contact us after mass. This is an opportunity for those of you whose children attend catechism on Mondays to join in for prayers while their children attend catechism. The group is open also for those parents whose children attend catechism on Tuesdays or who do not attend catechism at tal-Ibrag Centre. 

6. Applications for entry in Church Schools: applicants from State or independent schools may apply online between the 1st and the 29th of February. Further details on the website www.knisja.mt.

7. Let us pray for Doris Galea and Victor Deguara, who have passed to eternal life. Grant them, O Lord, eternal rest.